May 2021

Appionted Mory Audio to be our official distributor in Taiwan (R.O.C.).

April 2021

Introducing the new MA-430 stereo power amplifier.

February 2021

Introducing the new MA-340 pure Class A power amplifier and the MA-380 stereo amplifier.

April 2017

Officially appointed AudioFeel as our new distibutor in the Netherlands.

December 2016

Introducing the new MA-330 pure Class A power amplifier and the MA-360 stereo amplifier.

January 2016

MA-400 reviewed by Terry London from

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October 2015

MA-260 reviewed by Srajan Ebaen from

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May 2015

Introducing the new MA-260 pure Class A power amplifier.

April 2014

All Mangus products have a new silver and black finish.

August 2013

Introducing the new MP1000 preamplifier.

February 2010

Launching the new official web site for Magnus Audio products.

November 2009

Our MA-300 power amplifier (formerly MA-280) has won "The World's Most Beautiful HiFi Audio Products" Award from the International Audio Hall of Fame.

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