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WARNING NOTICE: Counterfeit Products

It has been confirmed that counterfeit Magnus Audio MA-400, MA-360 and MA-330 power amplifiers have been sold in the Chinese market through Taobao which is not authorized by us. We issue this warning to all our valuable customers to avoid confusion and false purchase.

All of the Magnus Audio products are 100% made in USA and each unit is hand built by our engineer inside our manufacturing facility in California. We HAVE NOT authorized anyone in China to design, build, assemble, market, distribute or sell any of the Magnus Audio products. The MA-400, MA-360 and MA-330 being offered on Taobao in China are counterfeit. These products fall short of Magnus' quality standards, and could possibly cause a customer's product to malfunction as well as cause serious safety issues.

Be advised that Magnus Audio is not responsible for any malfunction or damages that may occur as a result of the use of counterfeit products and that products purchased outside of our authorized sales channels are not warranted by Magnus Audio or supported in any way. We therefore urge that, in order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products, customers only purchase Magnus Audio products directly from Magnus Audio or through our authorized distributors.